Stone using platform to bring awareness

After defending her Championship belt, Savanna Stone thanked the audience and her fans before turning her attention to something more serious. She remarked how grateful she was to wrestle for a company that has successfully incorporated women's wrestling and a company that strives for equality.

Savanna Stone has a mantra when it comes to wrestling, "You can't break stone." When it comes to other things in life outside of wrestling, stone may crack and break, but never entirely. For her, this strikes a chord.

In the last few weeks, professional wrestling has been put in the limelight due to a couple incidents that included alleged sexual allegations. Those allegations dealt with people that were associated with other independent wrestling groups within the stats of Iowa.
Despite allegations not directly impacting his company, Austin Bayliss wanted to make sure he got his message across. He addressed his team and wrestlers, letting them know he was aware of recent events.
Some of CEW's supporters and wrestlers are advocates for a group that combats sexual assault. The RAINN organization (Rape, Abuse & Incest National Network) was formed to help victims and aims to diminish the number of instances each year. 
One of the biggest talents within the company backed up Bayliss' thoughts. She also mentioned how any type of situation like those that happened elsewhere in the state, can end up hitting close to home for her.
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