Addams Family draws closer to curtain time

Director Kirk Magill critiques a run-through as the cast ready themselves for opening night this week.

Who are the Beinekes? Find out this weekend as Sigourney Drama Presents "The Addams Family: A New Musical Comedy" this weekend on Friday, March 16 at 7 p.m.; Saturday March 17 at 7 p.m.; Sunday, March 18 at 2 p.m. Sigourney Jr/Sr High gym.

            The Addams Family: A New Musical Comedy, presented by the Sigourney Drama Department, opens on Friday for three performances that will have you laughing, singing and dancing in your chair. But before the stage comes to life (or death), the students and faculty behind the production must prepare for the show.

            “Unlike Grease last year, this play gets its roots from cartoons in a newspaper back in 1932 followed up by a TV series in the 1960s, an animated cartoon series, and a few movies over the last few decades,” Sigourney High Drama Director Kirk Magill said. “Many people know the signature Addams Family Theme song. However, the musical version is not widely known and the music was a mystery to most of the cast until we began working with them.”

            Yes, a musical which opened on Broadway in April of 2010. Featuring the beloved Addams Family, the production includes a string of catchy tunes by the cast and their undead ancestors as they tackle a new and twisted dilemma.

            “Everyone always thinks of the TV show from way back when, but it’s a newer musical,” Randy Stichter, Sigourney Vocal Director said. “It’s a pretty difficult musical. I was a little bit nervous when I found out Kirk picked this one, but they are tackling the challenge pretty well.”

            Stichter works with the cast on their vocal performance, including students that are not in choir or have little singing experience. According to Stichter, several students are taking vocal lessons, while others simply need encouragement.

            “Some of them aren’t used to singing a lot or loudly, and that’s hard for them to get by,” Stichter said. “It takes some prodding, but they are doing fine. They have a lot of enthusiasm and that helps a lot.”

            Stichter is joined by Jessica Meier, the Sigourney band director, to help with the musical end of the production. As the two are busy working the singing and music, behind the curtain is also flurry with quiet activity. Directing her fellow classmates is Sydney Atwood, the stage manager for this year’s production. Atwood has assisted with the curtains and in seventh grade helped with costume changes for previous production. This year, she is the guiding voice behind the scenes.

“Basically, I make sure that curtain cues happen on time and stage sets get placed in their right spots,” Atwood said. “It’s important that everything that shouldn’t be seen is covered and I’m in charge of everything going on backstage.”

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