Campbell's of Hedrick bring WHO and Secretary of Ag to town

Secretary of Agriculture Mike Naig presents James and Elayne Campbell with the Wergin Good Farm Neighboar Award.

Hedrick, Iowa – There’s really not much that will get farmers out of the field on a sunny day in Iowa. Especially after a week of relentless rain finally lets up. But on the sunny dry Tuesday, October 16, 2018, the Hedrick Community Center filled up at lunchtime with family, friends, and neighboring farmers of James and Elayne Campbell of Hedrick to witness the couple receive the ‘Wergin Good Farm Neighbor’ Award. 

            Present to deliver the 141staward given, Secretary of Agriculture Mike Naig, said that this is day of his monthly calendar he look forward to the most.

            “These are wonderful county events. They give us the chance to celebrate the good that’s happening in livestock agriculture.”

            During his presentation to the Campbell’s, Nag thanked all farmers for their contribution to agriculture and for their commitment to continuing to search for sustainable, conservative ways to manage their farms. 

            Bob Quinn from WHO Radio broadcasted “The Big Show” live from Hedrick. He interviewed James Campbell on the air about the nitrogen bioreactor that Campbell had installed to help reduce nitrogen emissions. 

            Qinn also brought representatives from The Coalition to Support Iowa's Farmers, (CSIF), on the air with him to discuss their organization. As Executive Director Brian Waddington explained CSIF is a resource for livestock farmers who want to remain good stewards of their land and livestock. 

            Senior Field Coordinator for CFIS, Kent Mowrer said that many farmers use the coalition as a resource to help understand how the rules set forth by the Department of Natural Resources might apply to their farm.

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