City Council approves engineering services agreement

Sigourney, Iowa- The Sigourney City Council was looking to the future at their regular meeting on October 3rd. At the meeting, the council briefly considered an engineering agreement to prepare a report on the City’s watermain system. 

As previously reported in the Sigourney News-Review, the council is actively considering replacing a watermain that spans from the Sigourney Fire Department to Keokuk County Health Center. The council is looking at several difference options in tackling that type of a project, as the cost is likely to be very high for the city.

At the council meeting, it was noted that if the council is going to consider a major water main project, they should have an idea of what the shape of the rest of the water main system is. In this case, the proposal would be for a full study to be done and a report to be prepared. Councilor Randy Schultz noted that this information could potentially be prepared into a document, such as a five-year plan, for the council to consider in later years.

The proposal to enter into an engineer services agreement with French-Reneker-Associates for the Preliminary Engineering Report on a Watermain System at a fee of $12,000 was unanimously approved.

For more on this story and others, catch the October 10 edition of the News-Review.