City Council Approves Ragbrai ordinance

Sigourney, Iowa- The Sigourney City Council has formally approved an ordinance establishing rules, regulations, and fees for this year’s RAGBRAI overnight stay in July. The council approved the second reading of the ordinance at the May 1 City Council meeting. The third and final reading of the ordinance was also unanimously waived, essentially finalizing the ordinance. As a result of the ordinance, the local RAGBRAI committee can now formally start charging vender fees and proceed forward with planning other parts of the RAGBRAI visit the committee may have previously been unable to do. The formal votes on the ordinance at the April 18 and May 2 city council meetings were passed with little fanfare and little discussion.


The council also considered an agreement with Radix, to store minutes and agendas of past city council meetings online. The City currently has an agreement with Radix and has the meeting minutes of the Sigourney City Council going back to the early days of the community. In the past, the city has paid approximately $300 per year to utilize the service. However, Radix recently upgraded their system and also changed their plans, which would result in the city having to pay $340 a month, rather than $300 a year. 


For more on this story, catch the May 9 edition of the News-Review.