Comfort Joins News-Review Staff

Charlie Comfort

            The Sigourney News-Review is pleased to introduce Charlie Comfort, as the new News Editor. Comfort is an Iowa native, growing up down the road in Oskaloosa and attending William Penn University.

            “I have been a journalist for about five years,” Comfort said. “Journalism is something that I have always enjoyed and have a passion for. I am happy to be here in the small town community where I think it has the biggest impact.”

            With journalism being an interest in his life, Comfort has had quite a bit of experience prior to taking the position.

            “I was news director over at KBOE in Oskaloosa for about a year, prior to that I was just a reporter and part-time board-op,” Comfort said. “I did some work for Osky News, hyper local website and was a columnist for the Oskaloosa Herald when I was in college.”

            Before his break from journalism to work at Community 1st Credit Union in Ottumwa, Comfort took a position in northern Iowa from 2015 to 2017.

            “I had a news position with Independence Bulletin Journal as their staff writer,” Comfort said.

            In discussing with Comfort about what he expects in his role with the News-Review, he is looking forward to “telling our story.”

            “100 years from now when people are looking back on what was going on in little Sigourney, Iowa, they will look at our articles and see that we play a crucial role in documenting the history here,” Comfort said.

For more on this story, catch the April 4 edition of the News-Review.