Compensation Board recommends four percent raise for all elected County officials

            Every year, a Compensation Board gathers to look over the earnings of Keokuk County elected officials, compare it to other county averages and decide whether a pay increase is acceptable for the positions. Under Iowa Code 331.905, this is a required practice and is held in Keokuk County in December.

            Four board members were in attendance for this meeting: Phil Buschmann, Cathy Fry, Dixie Shipley and Lee Frimml. In attendance were Christy Bates, County Auditor; Dawn Goldman, Recorder; Christine Edmundson, County Treasurer and John Schroeder, County Attorney. Luann Berger, Auditor’s  Designee, acted as secretary for the meeting.

            To begin, the Board elected Buschmann as Chairman of the Compensation Board for this year. The meeting was called to order and the minutes of last year’s meeting were approved. Letters of Recommendation and salary surveys had been submitted to the Compensation Board before the meeting, with the general consensus asking for a three percent across all department heads, citing that Keokuk County ranked low among other counties in Iowa for salaries. According to the salary survey for fiscal year 2017 provided by the Iowa State Association of Counties (ISAC), Keokuk County ranks out of 99 counties:

            68th for Supervisor salary at $27,680.

            63rd out of the 64 for County Attorney salary at $75,448, who do not also practice privately in addition to their county position.

            91st for Auditor salary at $48,440, plus stipends.

            88th for Recorder salary at $47,940.

            92nd for Sheriff salary at $61,328.

            91st for Treasurer salary at $47,940.

            74th in population.

            According to ISAC, Keokuk County Auditor, all positions make an average $10,000 less than the state average, with the exception of the Board of Supervisors. Members of the Compensation Board were not only receptive to the requested three percent raise, but increase the recommended increase to four percent, plus stipend increases for the Auditor and Board of Supervisors. The motion was made and passed for the four percent increase. Next, the Board of Supervisors will review the recommendation and decide to lower it. They cannot raise the increase, but can request the Board personally not be awarded a raise. The decision will come at a later date.


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