Conrad to continue football career at Upper Iowa University

Mac Conrad was accompanied by family and two of his Sigourney coaches when he made the offical decision to sign with Upper Iowa University. Conrad had offers from several schools for football or baseball but made the decision to join the Peacocks' football roster.

Peacocks are thought of as graceful and docile animals, for the most part, but Mac Conrad is quite the contrary, especially on the field. He made his decision official by signing a letter of intent to play football for the Upper Iowa Peacocks on February 28. Among those accompanying Conrad included his parents, brother and two of his former Sigourney football coaches.

Several schools were looking to add Conrad to their programs for either baseball or football including Waldorf, Central, Simpson and other colleges. After some deliberation, Conrad decided he’d join Upper Iowa and will transition from a Savage to a Peacock after graduating from Sigourney.

Conrad was a four-year starter for the Sigourney-Keota Cobras football squad, mostly playing defensive end but also mixing in some opportunities as a linebacker.

Sigourney’s football coach chimed in with some thoughts on a player he’s seen grow over the years make the leap to the college world. He mentioned how the only surprise is Conrad choosing to stick with football rather than baseball.

Jensen also commended Conrad for his willingness to not only take on college and continue his education, but also tack on playing sports, which is a whole different animal.


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