Construction nears completion on new County Shop

Just over one year ago, the Keokuk County Supervisors gave the go-ahead to the construction of a new county shop building on the east-side of Sigourney, billing the project as a major step forward for the Keokuk County Road Department, and a way to make the department run more efficiently. After a few weather related delays early in the construction process, Keokuk County is close to having the once talked about dream become a reality. According to Keokuk County Engineer Andy McGuire, by February, it is likely that the project could be fully completed.

“It really kind of depends on how we get those final touches put on,” McGuire said of finishing up the project. “For kind of honestly punch list items really skin near the end, I would say that a bulk of the work has to do with the mechanical, electrical and the plumbing side of things,” he added.

McGuire recalled that a very wet spring brought some initial setbacks for the project.

“The challenge on the project I would say has been, what the spring threw at us in terms of getting the foundations and being able to set the frames and work through the sequence the way that you would want to,” he said.

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