County 'hanging in there' after repeated winter blasts

Sigourney, Iowa- Despite an extremely harsh winter, Keokuk County is holding up decently, as winter begins to near a close. At the Keokuk County Supervisors meeting held on February 25, County Engineer Andy McGuire said that he was grateful to finally not be in the bullseye by the most recent winter blast to hit Iowa.

“I think we were in really good shape,” McGuire said of the weekend.

Presently the County is doing well on salt and sand, after receiving in a recent shipment. The County has used up a large amount of salt due to the number of snow events this season.

“We are starting to get loads in kind of on a regular basis,” McGuire said. “It was really, really tight for a while there. Everybody statewide has been super tight on getting supply in. With the volume that we’re having to put it, that the state’s been having to put out, it’s been tougher for the suppliers to keep up with it,” he added.

McGuire said that there was a brief time where Keokuk County had to borrow some supply from Washington County, as the rail car that was set to bring in more supply for Keokuk County was unable to make it up from Oklahoma as originally scheduled.

“I’m thankful that they can store more than we can store. They’re good neighbors, so we can sort of work with them,” McGuire said.

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