Cour recap: Clubb reaches plea deal, Mann demands speedy trial, Spray wants lower bond

Sigourney- A trio of court cases are beginning to show some movement, with at least one of them set to go to trial soon. John Clubb, William Mann, and Ethan Spray all face felony charges in unrelated cases. 

John Clubb

John Clubb, of What Cheer, was arrested on January 15 after an investigator for Iowa Workforce Development claimed he had fraudulently claimed unemployment benefits. According to a compliant and affidavit filed by Iowa Workforce Development Investigator Kasandra Ellenwood, Clubb received unemployment insurance benefits for 26 weeks from June 2016 to April 2017. The total amount of unemployment benefits paid to Clubb was $12,779. Ellenwood stated in an affidavit that during the time period Clubb received benefits, he also was working.

Clubb was charged with one count of first-degree fraudulent practice, a Class C Felony. On February 28, Clubb, through his attorney, Katherine Sears, pled not guilty to the charge. At that time, Clubb waived his right for a speedy trial, and a pre-trial conference was set to occur later this year. However, on March 8, merely one week after filing his not guilty plea, Clubb’s attorneys filed a motion for a plea and sentencing hearing.

“Defense and the county attorney have reached an agreement about a plea offer,” Sears wrote in the motion.

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