Daughters doll up for their special guy

            Dresses, curls, make-up, heels and some flowers were a sight to be seen at the Sigourney Elementary on Friday, April 13, as the annual Bell of the Ball dance was underway.

            Dads, grandpas or that special guy accompanied the girls into the school to dance the night away, or at least an hour and a half. Many of the girls could be seen running around with friends and dancing and singing to some of their favorite songs, as the men stood back and visited with one another. A couple of times DJ Kimi called the dads out to get on the dance floor to join in with the infamous Chicken Dance as well as the single slow dance to the end the night.

            There was a craft table where the guys and the girls could trace out their hands and glue them together as a sweet keepsake. Along with crafts the girls were given glow bracelets, necklaces and glasses, as well as goodie bags to take home.

            Awards for various dance moves were given out to students who were able to show off their stuff during their favorite songs.

            From the tired look on most of the student’s faces at the end of the night, you could tell it had been another successful event.