A day to remember Cale

Cale Jarmes’ family presents the Cale Jarmes Scholarships on May 16. Cale’s brother Casey (top left) was one of the eight recipients.

Sigourney, Iowa- On March 27, 2017, the Sigourney community was rocked to its core when news arrived that Sigourney student Cale Jarmes had been killed in an automobile accident, along with semi-truck driver Joe Snakenberg, of Webster. Jarmes older brother Casey was also injured in that accident. A year has passed since that terrible day, but one thing that isn’t going away is the legacy Cale left on the Sigourney community in the short 15 years he was on this earth. Numerous reminders of Cale are evident, but one in particular that is coming up soon is the first ever Cale Jarmes memorial Fun Day.


Cale Jarmes Memorial Fun Day will be held on June 2 from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. and will feature a wide variety of events, including a community art show, over 13 musical groups, a frog jumping contest, hot dog eating contest, homerun derby, 1 mile and 3 mile fun run/walk, and much, much more.


“We wanted to give back to the community and we thought a fun day for the whole community would be one way that we could give back,” Jaci Jarmes, mother of Cale, said.


In addition to all of the events, a worship service will be held in the evening.


“It has been said that Cale's faith was as big as his personality, and we could not end his fun day without saying thank you to our Lord and Savior!” Jarmes said.


The Cale Jarmes Memorial Fun Day is not the only way the Jarmes family is remembering Cale. A potentially far reaching way to remember Cale debuted this year. 


On May 16, eight Sigourney students were recipients of $1,000 Cale Jarmes Scholarships. Jaci Jarmes was on hand to make the presentation. Jarmes said that she and her family chose to make the application simple (because Cale was not a big fan of following rules and requirements) and had students answer two questions: what are your plans for graduation and how will you make this world a better place?


“We received many outstanding applications. If you are wondering if this class of 2018 will go out and make this world a better place, let me assure you- they will,” Jarmes said in making the presentation.


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