Doud Stone proposes possible bridge closure

After buying property on to the west of their current location, Doud Stone has consulted with Norris Asphalt about the possibility of the possible closure of the bridge located on 180th Avenue.

Chuck Manson of Doud Stone and and Brady Meldrem of Norris Asphalt approached the Board of Supervisors after discussing possibilities with county engineer Andy McGuire. McGuire said that he had reviews that adjacent land owners property and does not see any occupied homesteads near the bridge in question. 

“It is nearly impossible for us to determine how land owners use the roads without holding a public hearing to hear from them. And then we have to determine if those situations are workable. 

McGuire expressed to the Supervisors that currently the bridge is in need of repair and the cost of proposed repair could cost the tax payers between $800,000 to $900,000. 

We know that we will have a problem with dust control to the north so this peaks my interest in ways to save the county taxpayers money since the bridge is not a farm market road,” McGuire said.

Supervisor Mike Hadley asked if there would be a possibility of a 10-31 with the adjacent property owners, while Daryl Wood questioned where tractors and large equipment would pass through if the bridge was closed, since the road over is currently not a through road. 

McGuire questioned Doud Stone and N.A.P about the possibility of a haul agreement. Representative Meldrum said they can not set the authority for the hauling out of locations as long as they are not creating a safety hazard.


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