Flack charged for role in March stabbing

Sigourney, Iowa- The girlfriend of a Keokuk County man currently awaiting sentencing for stabbing a What Cheer man 17 times has been arrested and charged for her role in the crime. Jamie Lynn Flack was arrested on July 4 on an outstanding warrant for attempted murder. Court documents indicate that a warrant for Flack’s arrest was issued on March 8, three days after a criminal complaint was filed in Keokuk County District Court.


            According to the complaint, on March 3 Flack assisted her boyfriend Johnathan Walker with stabbing Joe Benardo, of What Cheer, 17 times. The complaint states that Flack handed Walker the knife used to stab Benardo, as well as handed Walker a baseball bat that was also used to beat Benardo.


            “Above defendant did assist co-defendant, Johnathan James Ray Walker, defendant’s boyfriend, by providing co-defendant Walker with the knife which was used to stab the victim Joseph Benardo [17] times, and the defendant unlocked the trunk to a vehicle to obtain and provide a baseball bat for co-defendant Walker that was used to strike Joseph Benardo in the head and [fractured] bones in his left arm and hand,” states the complaint.


            Flack is currently being held on $25,000 cash only bond. In addition, a no-contact order between her and the victim has been put in place. According to an initial appearance order, a preliminary hearing has been set for July 13 at 11 am.


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