George's Pizza passes to new ownership

SIGOURNEY- A fixture in the Sigourney community now is under new ownership. George’s Pizza and Steakhouse was recently sold, after owners George and Rosemary Papadopoulos decided that the time had come for them to retire. Amy Stourac, along with her daughter Crystal Northup, and Crystal’s fiancé, are the new owners of George’s.

            “George came in to run an ad and told me he was selling his pizza place. The kids and I have been looking for something because we want to do a live music venue in Keokuk County,” Stourac recounted in how the opportunity to own George’s came about.

            Stourac added that the recent closure of Neighbors Gas and Grill in Delta created a desire for “pickers” to find a new venue to perform in.

            “The pickers have no place to play and that was a very popular thing for the county,” Stourac said. “I kind of had my eye on a place to do that for a while,” she added.

            A quick visit to the restaurant with George helped Stourac realize this was something she wanted to do.

            “We went down and looked and decided it was probably a pretty good deal and decided to start getting financing in order. Decided to go ahead and do it,” Stourac said.

            On July 23rd, Stourac officially assumed ownership of the restaurant, though George stuck around for another week to teach Stourac the ways of the restaurant business, as well as show her his recipes.

            “The time I’ve spent with him has been awesome,” Stourac said. “I just felt like I was being handed this ancient gift. I felt very blessed,” she also said.

            Stourac said that they will not be making any major changes right away.

            “We’re going to try to keep it as authentically George’s as possible,” she said.

            However, as they get their feet under them, Stourac said that they will look at making some changes to the restaurant.

            “We’re tossing around some ideas of maybe adding breakfast, adjusting the hours, maybe opening on Mondays, maybe have like an open mic Monday, make people appreciate Mondays again,” Stourac said of some of the changes she and her daughter are considering. “The food will not change. George’s food will stay George’s food. He’s taught us to do it his way,” she added.

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