Glandon retires as Chief

State Senator Kevin Kinney presents a certification of recognition to Chief Glnadon at a retirement party on August 10.

Sigourney, Iowa- After 39 years of protecting and serving the Sigourney public at-large, Allan Glandon has officially called it quits. Glandon’s final week of service as Sigourney Police Chief ended on August 10, capping off a nearly 40-year tenure in Sigourney that began in June 1979. A retirement party was held at Sigourney City Hall on August 10.


            Glandon started with the Sigourney Police Department in June 1979 as a police officer. Over the next 22 years, Glandon worked through a vastly changing career field and worked his way up the ranks. In April 2001, Glandon’s hard work was recognized as he was named the Chief of Police for Sigourney. Over the next 17 years, Glandon worked with his colleagues to maintain Sigourney’s status as a safe place to live and to keep his department a trustworthy, reliable, and relevant police force in a town of just over 2,000. Unfortunately, Iowa law mandates that Glandon pass on his badge, however we will not elaborate on the good chief’s age.


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