Gragg pleads guilty to lesser charge

During much of the plea proceeding on June 1, Gragg sat with his head on the table or with his head on his hand.

Sigourney, Iowa- A Sigourney man facing stalking, first-degree harassment, and sexual exploitation of a minor charges pled guilty Friday, June 1. Daniel Gragg appeared in Keokuk County District Court to enter a plea deal. According to the plea deal, Gragg would plead guilty to one count of felony stalking and one count of first-degree harassment. In exchange for the plea deal, Gragg will receive a deferred judgement on the stalking charge, and will be sentenced to 1 year in jail, with all but 150 days suspended, for the harassment charge. Gragg will also receive three-years probation for the stalking charge, and will be required to pay fines, surcharges, and court costs for both charges. If Gragg completes probation successfully, he can ask for the stalking charge to be expunged from his record. In addition, Gragg will not be required to register as a sex-offender.


“The state will agree to stipulate that the offense was not sexually motivated,” Assistant Keokuk County Attorney Chauncey Moulding said.


During the course of proceedings, Gragg was asked by Judge Joel Yates about the circumstances surrounding the events that led him to being charged. Gragg’s attorney Jeff Powell asked Gragg about what led to him facing stalking and harassment charges. Gragg admitted his involvement.


“Would you agree that you purposely sent or caused to be sent those messages regarding M.N.?” Powell asked.


“Yessir,” responded Gragg.


“And are you agreeing that your course of contact during that time period did cause M.N. to fear bodily injury or death to her, or one of her family members?” Powell also asked.


“Yes,” Gragg said.


After further examination by Judge Yates, Gragg’s plea was accepted.


“The court accepts the defendant’s plea of guilty to the crime of stalking as set forth in count 1 of the trial information, a Class D felony,” Yates said.