Investigators announce website dedicated to Mollie Tibbetts search

DCI Special Agent in Charge Rick Rahn addresses the media on August 13.

Sigourney, Iowa- Investigators and news media again convened in Montezuma on August 13 for the third press conference held on the Mollie Tibbetts investigation.  Mitch Mortvedt, assistant announced at the press conference that the DCI has launched Mortvedt acknowledged that investigators are now considering the fact that foul play may have been involved in Tibbetts disappearance.


“It is possible that Mollie has come into contact with someone who has caused her harm,” Mortvedt said. 


Mortvedt added that investigators believe that anyone involved in the disappearance of Mollie Tibbetts likely knows the area.


“This person may not necessarily be a member of our community, but likely has some familiarity with the area,” Mortvedt said. “We are asking everyone to reflect back on the days prior to her disappearance in hopes of recalling details about any persons or vehicles in the area,” he added.


Mortvedt also said that individuals who have been involved in violent crime often display certain changes in their behavior that are noticable. 


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