ISICS radio tower being built in Sigourney

The ISICS radio tower to the right is placed behind the DOT building in south Sigourney.


            A new radio tower as part of the Interoperable Communications System (ISICS) to improve communication statewide for public safety agency is currently being built in south Sigourney across from the Recycling Site.

            The 400 foot tower will join 89 such sites to provide first responders with access to communicate over long distances, such as county to county, through ISICS. According to Larry Smith, Keokuk County Emergency Management Coordinator, the tower in Sigourney will be completed by the end of this calendar year. Smith’s involvement with this statewide project began in 2004 as part of taskforce for Governor Tom Vilsack to create a board for this radio system for all first responders in Iowa. Interoperable Communications System Board came into existence, which Smith is now a part of.

Please view the July 12 edition of The News-Review for the full story.