Keokuk County Endowment Grants awarded

Sigourney Police Chief Allan Glandon accepts a $4,000 check for the Sigourney Police Dept. from the Keokuk County Endowment Foundation on Wednesday, April 19. 

         The Keokuk County Endowment Foundation held their annual awards on April 19 at the Ss. Peter and Paul Church. $97,350.00 was awarded to local organizations and township for various projects that they had applied for. There was $118,589.36 applied for this year, and the following 30 organizations were awarded these amounts:


Delta Community Housing            $3000

Delta Community Fire Dept            $1150

Delta Town and Country            $2000

First Resources            $2500

Food Bank of Southern Iowa            $3000

City of Hayesville            $5000

City of Harper            $5000

City of Hedrick            $5000

Hedrick Public Library            $1000

City of Keswick            $5000

City of Kinross            $5000

Keokuk Exposition            $3000

Keokuk Co. Fair            $1700

Keota Eagle Advocates            $3000

City of Martinsburg            $5000

Pekin Ministerial            $5000

Richland Public Library            $1600

Richland Betterment            $5000

Keokuk Co. Historical            $2500

St. Peter and Paul            $3000

South English Dev.            $2000

South English QRS            $2000

Sigourney Drama Dept.             $1500

Sigourney Police            $4000

Sigourney Public Library            $3000

City of Thornburg            $4400

Tri County Jr. High            $2000

What Cheer Library            $2000

What Cheer Opera House            $4000

City of Webster            $5000


            The Keokuk County Endowment Grant is funded through the County Endowment Fund program, which stipulates the countywide foundations and distributes 75 percent of the allocated funds to charitable projects and programs within the county. The Keokuk County Community Endowment Foundation was organized in 2005. For more information about the Foundation you can contact Laurie Luettjohann at 641-622-9955.

            Members of the Foundation include Danny Showman, Barb Spicer, Ann Spilman, Laurie Luettjohann, Connie Baker, Dixie Shipley, Larry Bird, Walter Smith, Kathy Davis, Janet Wade, Scott Vetter, Sylvia Hadle, Ron Dennison, Dawn Wheeler, Barb Van Patten, Mike Hadley and Steve Van Zee.