Keokuk County voters make their voices heard

The endless
campaign appears to have
come to an end. This election
cycle, which in Iowa began in
May 2017, has produced some
finality, with many races being
decided on November 6.

Going into Election Day
2018, around 1,100 residents
cast their votes early, right on
target when compared to the
2014 election, which saw 1,143
votes cast early. Statewide, over
500,000 voters cast their votes
early, an increase from 2014.

Keokuk County voters saw little
in the way of heavily contested
races. The only countywide
contested race on the ballot
was that of the Keokuk County
Supervisor race, which pitted
republican incumbents Mike
Hadley and Deke Wood against
democrat Fred Snakenburg.

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