Keota woman charged with possession with intent to deliver

KEOTA- A Keota woman is in custody after a home check by federal probation officers yielded a significant amount of methamphetamine. Brandy Kay Reschly was charged on April 23rd, after federal probation officers stopped by her apartment for a home check. According to a criminal complaint filed by Chief Deputy Adam Clark, the federal officers located a purse during the home check.

“Officers found inside the defendant's purse, 17 small clear colored zip lock bags containing a white colored crystal-like substance that looked consistent with methamphetamine,” Clark wrote.

The crystal-like substance was field tested at the scene by Clark and found to test positive for methamphetamine.

“I weighed each one of the 17 individual bags and 16 bags weighed .5 grams and 1 weighed 3.5grams for a total of 11.5 grams of methamphetamine,” Clark said of the amount of methamphetamine located.

In addition to the drugs, federal officers found $2,905 in cash in Reschly’s purse.

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