LDL Builders creates wooden firetruck to benefit Sigourney Fire

The Sigourney Fire Department will raffle off this handmade wooden firetruck during their fireman's breakfast on October 22. Photo submitted. 

            The Sigourney Fire Dept will host a breakfast benefit on October 22, and one lucky winner will be able to go home with a fire truck of their own; a wooden one, that is.

            LDL Builders of Sigourney have donated a hand-made firetruck to go to the winner a raffle to be held at the event. All proceeds will go to the fire dept for upgrades to their Polaris Ranger that they use for grass fires.

            “We’re very excited and honored to have LDL think of Sigourney Fire when they offered to make this truck and help us with our fundraiser,” Sigourney Fire Chief Bill Halleran said. “Our ranger we plan to upgrade has also been used for winter calls in snow or for accidents down mud roads.”

            Lonnie Bell of LDL Builders created the truck with his brother David and father Lonnie Sr. and Nate Goldman to raise money for the breakfast. Bell is a former member of the Sigourney Fire Dept. and felt this was one way he could help raise funds for them.

            “It’s a great way to give back and support our local fire service,” Bell said. “I’m not part of the dept anymore, but I’m passionate about these guys and supporting them.” 

            To learn more about the raffle, reach out to a member of the Sigourney Fire Dept.