Sam Gragg as Adius trying to capture the attention of the ladies

In a world where there is a separation, can two worlds learn to live together?     “Like” is the story of two isolated countries separated by an impassible crevasse. While the two countries were once one nation, the crevasse now keeps them completely isolated from each other. Despite no contact with one another, or the outside world, the two countries have learned to hate and mistrust each other. Until, a group of business people arrive in order to build a bridge. What are these two countries that hate each other going to do when they are thrust together after hundreds of years of isolation? 
            The play “Like” starred over thirty Tri-County Students. Lane Williams, Abbey Hartwig, Sam Gragg, Jacob Bombei, Katlyn Little, Jennifer Steen, Nikayla Dowd, Walter McKay, Natalie Steinke, Zoe Ogden, Michaela Lundy, Lydia Greene, Sydney Gatton, Myrissa Garber, Allison Steinke, Hannah Miover, Riley Danner, Mckenzie Hammes, Quintin McAdams, Cameron Krumm, Noah McCammant, Jenna Acord, Skyler Fisher, Megan Edmundson, Brandt Molyneux, Tanner Lundy, Taylor Dowd, Avery Roorda, Jokoby Williams, Emma Miover, Miranda Little, Mikayla Hoover, and Grant Rauhauser all helped to bring the scenes to life as the story began with Professor James (Fisher) explaining to Mrs. Tiberius (Greene) and Mrs. Kirk (Gatton) that Emmett (Rauhauser) building the bridge would be a bad idea. After all- these people had been apart for years and intermingling them could lead to disaster.

            When they fail to listen, the bridge project goes underway. The invisible thieves, led by Queen Ares (Little), are a group of thieves that have a cave in which they can pass from side to side without being noticed. The team steals things of little or no value, but yet they have led the Lakes and Rivers people to believe that the other has defeated them for years.

            The Rivers People, ruled by King Darrow (Williams), live in a world where every sentence uses the word like. Instead of being happy, they are like happy. The Lakes People ruled by Queen Virginia (Dowd) tend to be happy with using similes in order to describe everything.

            Both lands have come to think that this is normal to respond to life this way. When Princess Asia is able to see over the crevasse and spot Prince Pax (McKay), they begin to wonder about life on the other side. When Pax entrusts in his mother, Queen Virginia, about falling for this girl- she informs him that when she was his age, she indeed felt the same way about a River boy.

            The outsiders approach both lands about agreeing to the building of the bridge, in which both agree, as they both look into ways to go to war and defeat the other side. When Lakes girl Lady Quinn (Steinke) tries to win over Prince Dax, she finds herself instead being pursued by a River boy Adrius (Gragg) who is the love of Princess Antonia’s (Hartwig) life. Adrius has no interest in Antonia other than that fact that she is a Princess and the next to rule over the River People. This highly upsets Trigg (Bombei) as he is in love with her and tried to win her affection.

            As the story continues, Professor James convinces Queen Virginia and King Darrow that if they allow their children to be married, they will rule a larger kingdom and these two worlds will live in peace.

            A wedding is planned for the opening day of the bridge. The invisible thieves protest the bridge opening, and plant dynamite at the bridge, which they plan to ignite during the ceremony. Emmett tried to warn of this plan, but when you are using “Invisible Ink” to get the word out, the warning comes as a blank dud. However, during the ceremony, Emmett shows up and saves the day, destroying the plan of the invisible thieves.

            The wedding is about to occur again as many begin to profess their love to the Prince and Princess. Finally, Queen Virginia is brought to the bridge and comes face to face with King Darrow, who is revealed as the River Boy she once was in love with. The story concludes with the Queen and King joining and you are left to wonder what will happen as the two worlds intermingle to talk about a peaceful ending.

            This play has one thing that other plays do not have- it is written by director Vince Hrasky. Each Tri County production is a production that will never be seen again. There are twists and turns and the characters come to life as the characters that are written just for them.