Mild weather to ring in New Year

Taking advantage of the springlike weather conditions, Chippy the Squirell forages through a gutter for food, in preparation of winter-like weather.

When most of us think of the months of December and January, one of the things that likely comes to mind is cold and snow (and the holidays, of course). That’s certainly considered to be normal, as winter begins in late December, and often brings with it some of the more dreadful weather that we as Iowans choose to strongly dislike. However, around this year’s holiday season, local residents were treated to something different: sunshine and sweatshirt weather.

On Christmas Day, residents woke up not to snowfall, but sunshine, and a forecast high of 60 degrees. Family sledding events and snow angel making contests were replaced with touch football games, and other fun outdoor games normally reserved for spring. For the in-laws of this writer, the beautiful weather meant it was time to play a round of 18.

Birds chirped and temperatures soared as many of us pinched ourselves to make sure we weren’t dreaming of this beautiful weather. Children could be seen outside playing with their new scooter, riding their new bicycle, or playing with their new remote controlled car/drone.

“It was much above normal,” Ray Wolf, Meteorologist at the National Weather Service office in the Quad Cities, said of the warm weather.

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