Oh the Possibilities

Carson King (right) and his son Zack, both run Oh Donuts in Sigourney.

Sigourney, Iowa- As downtown Sigourney continues to be revitalized, another business is being welcomed into the community. Oh Donuts has set up shop in the old Fresh Blend building, located at 107 W Marion Street in Sigourney. Carson King, as well as his son Zach, are Florida transplants who decided to move to Iowa and set up shop in Sigourney. King said that he chose Iowa because of the fact that Iowa’s state capital is one of the best places in the nation to raise a family, as well as Iowa being in the center of the Midwest. King had initially planned to set up shop in Kalona, however after things did not work out as planned, he was forced to look at a new option.

            “I saw that Sigourney had some commercial opportunities,” King said of Sigourney.

            After coming to tour several different buildings in Sigourney, he toured the old Fresh Blend building and fell in love. By the end of November, King had opened the doors to Oh Donuts.

            “It worked out,” he said. “I did some tests, a soft opening… We invited some of our business neighbors to come out,” he also said.

            King noted, tongue in cheek, that some of his friends said that he was crazy to move to Iowa from Florida, particularly during the winter.

            “We know about snowbirds, but there’s no word for you!” he recalls his friends saying.

            Oh Donuts focuses on two simple things: coffee and donuts. King, a Chef, said that his focus is on providing a healthy alternative to residents.

            “Food is fun. People enjoy having guilt free fun. Fun doesn’t have to be after you have fun you regret it, you want to be able to enjoy your food,” King said. “I want to provide something that is fun and healthy. Who says that healthy couldn’t be fun?” he added.

            King’s whole grain donuts are made fresh in Oh Donuts throughout the day. He noted that organic is a must for him, with King and his son only using organic ingredients.

            “We hope to be organic certified in 2019,” King said.

            King stressed that he believes in supporting local business. For King, that means purchasing every single ingredient for his business locally and in the State of Iowa.

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