Ollie man charged with false imprisonment

SIGOURNEY- An Ollie man is facing multiple charges, including two felonies, after authorities say he held a gun to his wife’s head during a late April incident. Harold Dean Chittick, 28, was arrested on April 29th. According to Deputy Jeff Runnells, Chittick allegedly assaulted his wife sometime the week of April 27th.

“Defendant assaulted his wife, [name redacted], by striking her with a closed fist in the chest, arms and head. Defendant pulled the victims hair twice and slammed her head into the bathroom wall,” Runnells wrote in criminal complaint.

Runnells added that Chittock then allegedly retrieved a handgun and struck the victim with the butt of the gun, before pointing it at her forehead. He is also accused of pushing his forearm up against her neck to the point that the victim could not breathe.

“Victim received bruising to her left upper arm, right leg, scratches to her chest and has pain to the back of her head,” Runnells wrote in describing the injuries the victim sustained.

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