Path to new Sigourney Police officer a long and winding road


            The Sigourney Police Department has begun the mulit-month process to hire and train a new officer for their department ahead of Chief Allan Glandon’s retirement next year.

            During the Sigourney City Council meeting on February 1, Glandon announced that department would like to start advertising for the position immediately. The department reached out to Mid-America Publishing to have a display ad in each of their 40 papers, along with recommended papers such as the Cedar Rapids Gazette and Ottumwa Courier. The Council approved costs of the advertising for $1,500.

            The applicant, after hire, would have to move to the Sigourney area for the position, but that is only the very tip of the iceberg that is the law enforcement hiring process.

            “Hiring a police officer is not like hiring any other type of employee,” Glandon said. “There are state mandated laws that are applied to physical, cognitive and psychological abilities. All those things are tested.”

            All applicants are held to a certain standard by the Iowa Law Enforcement Academy (ILEA). Even if applicants pass a certain portion, they could be deemed unfit by the academy and not accepted. The process begins with the application process, which Glandon plans to continue until March 17. Interested parties must ask for an application via mail or by stopping into Sigourney City Hall. Shortly after that date, Sigourney Police will conduct physical fitness testing that involves running, setups, pushups and sit and reach.

            “All physical testing is done by age range and sex of the applicant,” Mallary Snakenberg, Sigourney Police Administrative Assistant said. “They have different standards for each to accomplish to pass.”

Please view the February 8 edition of The News-Review for the full story.