Peters makes the rounds for second congressional run

Dr. Christopher Peters meets with Tobias Garcia, the owner of Sigourney Cafe.

            Dr. Christopher Peters of Iowa City is a licensed surgeon with decades of experience under his belt. Despite not being a “career politician”, Dr. Peters sees a need for a representative in the U.S. Congress that “thinks like a surgeon.” That’s why he is announcing his run for U.S. Congress in 2018 with a 24 county tour, starting in Sigourney

            “Common sense decision-making is lacking at the federal level,” Dr. Peters said. “I believe we’ve become way too partisan and are not looking to understand problems to evaluate solutions. I’m trying to bring back this as I commonly refer to as ‘how a surgeon thinks’; to come up with a diagnosis before recommending a treatment.”

            Peters, a former army surgeon and educated at the University of Kansas, came to Iowa 13 years ago with his wife Julie and three sons-Cole, Jake and Caleb-and became involved in politics amid the housing crisis during the Great Recession 10 years ago. His interest was only furthered when the topic of health care reform followed soon after.

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