Phase two of Belva Deer Trail set for spring

            Final plans for the second phase of the prolonged Belva Deer Trail project were approved by the Keokuk County Board of Supervisors on Monday, Oct. 21, with work to begin next spring.

            “This phase is regrading, erosion control, rock surfacing and trying to take care of areas which have issues with water crossing and washing the trail,” County Engineer Andrew McGuire said. “This project is six or seven years in the making, so finally we have a set of final plans.”

            According to McGuire, the project has a January letting date, with McGuire hoping to start in April or May. A request to the DOT for a late start date for May 1 has been submitted to ensure this project begins around that spring period.

            “We have a time extension for the Washington Riverboat Grant to September 1, and my request to the DOT is scheduled accordingly that we would hopefully have everything wrapped up by August, so we could get the reimbursements in August,” McGuire said. “The project would be closed out shortly thereafter.”

Please view the October 25 edition of The News-Review for the full story.