Pigtail Charlie’s opens in Hedrick

            During her childhood, Dawn Kiefer grew up in a farming community, where food and family were brought together on a regular basis. When she was little, Kiefer’s then-curly hair was kept in pigtails, and would be called by her grandfather “Pigtail Charlie” frequently as a nickname. Though unsure exactly where the name came from, Kiefer is bringing the name back for her new restaurant, Pigtail Charlie’s Diner, formerly Anthems in Hedrick.

            Kiefer, a resident of Hedrick since 2006, was in the car business for over 20 years before deciding to change gears towards restaurants. Members of her family had been in the restaurant business for years before Kiefer took a part-time position at Anthems. The opportunity for her own business came when Shannon Freese, previous owner of Anthems, decided to sell the property last year.

            “I thought about it for about a year and decided I liked the community, I like the people coming in, and I’ve been in the service industry my whole life, so decided this was something I’d like to do,” Kiefer said.

            Pigtail Charlie’s officially open its doors on November 1, retain many of the same employees, food and service that made Anthems successful in the small community of over 600. Favorites such as the burgers, Sunday buffet and prime rib special will remain with the business, but Kiefer hopes to “enhance” the menu.

            “Of course, everyone loves the prime ribs on Saturday, so that will keep the same,” Kiefer said. “The food is awesome. I’m not changing the menu, I’m simply enhancing it. I want to start doing a daily hot bar for lunch, Friday buffet with fish and fried chicken, salad bar for a healthy choice and keep the Sunday buffet going. We want to add different burgers, hot roast beef plates and comfort foods to the menu. The fan favorites will stay.” 

Please view the November 8 edition of The News-Review for the full story.