Ragbrai logo reveal party set for this weekend

            Sigourney- The only remaining mysteries about Sigourney Ragbrai are the Sigourney logo, as well as the theme for this year’s visit, and the band that will be headlining on the evening of July 26. All of that information and more will be announced this weekend at a reveal party. The party will be held at the Keokuk County Expo at 6 p.m. In addition to the logo and theme announcement, the route through Sigourney will be revealed.


            “We also have a few other surprises up our sleeves,” said Amber Kephart, executive committee member for Ragbrai Sigourney. “I want everyone to come to the reveal party so they can be a part of the reveal.”


            The whole family is encouraged to attend, as there will be food for sale and games for everyone.


            “There are going to be kids activities and a bags tournament,” Kephart said.


            The bags tournament will cost $25 to enter and includes two meals; everyone is encouraged to register early for the bags tournament. Kephart said that the Ragbrai committee has worked hard and learned a lot since Ragbrai came through Sigourney in 2016 as a pass-through town.

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