RAGBRAI rolls through Sigourney

The ICOPS team rides each year for the not-for-profit Iowa Concerns of Police Survivors, which helps families of law enforcement members killed in the line of duty. The COPS team posed for a picture by a bench honor Sgt. Eric Stein, who was killed in a shoot out in Keokuk County in 2011 in the line of duty.

Sigourney, Iowa- Six months of hard work and in-depth planning paid off on July 26 as RAGBRAI came through Sigourney for its first overnight in Sigourney in 23 years. Close to 20,000 riders from all parts of the United States and some foreign countries called Sigourney their home for one day, as they finished day five of RAGBRAI. Amber Kephart was the co-chair of the Sigourney RAGBRAI committee.

“Two years ago when we were a pass through town, I knew I wanted to be an overnight town again. We have an amazing community and I wanted to show it off,” Kephart said. “We were definitely the underdogs going in, being the smallest town, and we came out on top!” she added.

Kephart said that her goal was to showcase the community to 20,000 guests.

“My goal was to show off Sigourney, keep everyone safe, and for the community and riders to have fun! We accomplished all of that,” she said. “Seeing our tiny little town transform into something so amazing is a humbling experience. We are blessed with the absolute best people and I am so honored to know all of them. The community stepped up and it showed!” Kephart also said.

The News-Review had staff in New Sharon, Keswick, Sigourney, Keota, and Harper on July 26 and July 27. For more photos from both days of RAGBRAI, check us out on Smugmug.