SADC spruces up downtown Sigourney

As part of the downtown painting, Sigourney High School students painted a mural on the southside of the Sigourney downtown square, between Barn Wired and the old Country and More store.

Sigourney, Iowa- Much work has been going into Sigourney to help spruce up the community, not just for the RAGBRAI visit, but for the community in general. On May 23, the downtown area saw some much needed painting work done to help brighten up the downtown area. According to Amber Kephart, Executive Director of SADC, the project was spearheaded by SADC as a way to beautify the downtown area.


“We are cleaning up business fronts to help the square look more beautiful,” Kephart said.


Kephart said that there are several other buildings in the downtown area that will be getting new coats of paint in coming weeks, such as the Boot Camp fitness building on the west side of the square, 


“There’s several businesses on the square that are going to get some touchup paint done,” Kephart said. “We are doing that as the retail committee part of SADC,” she added.


Kephart stressed that this is not a RAGBRAI initiative and is not just due to the upcoming July RAGBRAI overnight stay.


Several of the SADC board members are on the RAGBRAI committee so we’re heavily involved but it’s not the RAGBRAI committee,” she said. “This is all stuff… that was going to be done anyway, whether RAGBRAI was coming or not,” she added.


Kephart said that Lucas Meyer, of County Bank, helped organize volunteers for the projects.


“All of the volunteers were high school students,” she said.

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