Schwab Recounts Boys State Experience

SIGOURNEY- After a week-long experience at Camp Dodge, one Sigourney teen is ready to tackle all of the challenges life may have for him. Hunter Schawb, son of David and Kai Schwab, recently returned from Boys’ State, where he represented Sigourney as a delegate from American Legion Lacey Kerr Post 19. Schwab said the experience was highly enjoyable.

            “My experience at Boys’ State was very fun. I enjoyed the many activities that we did over there,” Schwab said upon his return from Camp Dodge.

            Schwab said that there were a variety of opportunities that we found to be most enriching while there.

            “What I really liked most at Boys state that there were different opportunities to become what you want to be. I became a lawyer and also a judge at the same time, which I thought was very fun,” Schwab said.

            The experience wasn’t necessarily about just networking with other teens; there was plenty of learning opportunities for all of the delegates, something Schwab took to heart.

            “I learned that you should trust people more that you know a lot,” Schwab said.

            Going into Camp Dodge, Schwab found himself a little nervous, wondering if it was going to be a strict week.

            “What surprised me most was that I thought it was going to be a lot more serious, maybe harsh, but it was actually a lot of fun and I would recommend people going to it,” Schwab said.

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