Sigourney Class of 2019 dedicate memorial bench to Cale Jarmes

The Class of 2019 led the way in dedicating a new bench outside Cobra Field in honor of classmate Cale Jarmes. Photo submitted.

            SK football fans this season will notice a brand-new bench just outside Cobra Field, dedicated to the memory of Cale Jarmes by the Class of 2019.

            Cale’s classmates approached his family about doing a memorial as the 2017-2018 school year got underway. With their support, the Class of 2019 chose a beautiful bench and a work of art that Cale, an art student, would appreciate. The bench was created by Watts Monument of Montezuma and was funded by anonymous donation. Setup took place on the night of September 7.

            “This bench is something we feel Cale would have appreciated because of his appreciation for art,” Maddie Schwenke, a classmate and close friend of Cale said. “People who may not have known him can get a sense of the person he was, and that’s why we wanted to do this memorial.”

            On the bench is a quote; “play hard, laugh large.” According to Schwenke, “play hard” is what Gary, Cale’s father and football coach, would say during the practice, followed by Cale interjecting “laugh large” whenever possible.

            “We knew his family wanted to do some kind of memorial for Cale, so our whole class was in on this and listened to what the Jarmes family had to say,” Schwenke said.