Sigourney Elementary students POUND out workout

Kimi Hernandez with the Sigourney third grade class after a POUND workout. 

            The last Tuesday of the school year was hardly a normal day for the students of Sigourney Elementary. Anyone walking into the building was greeted by the curious sound of heavy pounding coming from the elementary commons, where students would be banging on the floor with heavy sticks without mercy while catchy pop tunes playing loudly in the background. No, this isn’t a bunch of kids acting up, but rather a unique workout called POUND.

            Kimi Hernandez brought POUND to Sigourney Elementary after learning about the cardio workout from a trip she took. It combines music, exercise and drumming into moves that “demand core engagement and enhances balance.” Hernandez, a fitness instructor and local DJ, was drawn to POUND as a fun way to work out and share a fun experience with others.

            “Some people hate the idea of working out, and POUND is a fantastic way to move your body and have fun while you're doing it,” Hernandez said. “POUND really takes the dreaded idea of ‘working out’ out of it because you're having so much fun and before you know it you're sweating.”

Please view the May 31 edition of The News-Review for the full story.