Sigourney High plays host to Boulton

Sigourney Jr/Sr High Principal Shannon Webb walks State Senator Nate Boulton through the halls of the school during his visit.

            State Senator Nate Boulton, democratic candidate for Governor in 2018, brought his Hometown Values Tour to Sigourney on Thursday, Oct. 26 as he visited the high school to talk with students, faculty, staff and check out new additions to the school.

            Followed by his own camera crew, Boulton was guided through the halls by Athletic Director Lee Crawford, Principal Shannon Webb and students Tanner Halleran and Audra Weber. Along the way, Boulton was introduced to faculty and a few of the classes. While engaging in conversation with teachers, Boulton was also guided around to the new science room and track.

            “A lot of times in state government, we talk about class sizes, underfunding schools and what that means, but it’s a whole different thing to actually get in a school district and talk to people that are dealing with those decisions,” Boulton said. “Our campaign is doing everything we can to get to community schools, work sites and their homes. We’re really excited about hearing from people.”

           The tour was organized mainly by Halleran, who served as a page in the Iowa Senate and met Boulton through the experience. According to Halleran, Boulton took the time to get to know him and other pages in the Senate. Boulton would later announce his candidacy for Governor, and Halleran serves on his steering committee and is a “Boulton for Governor” Intern.” As a member of the steering committee, it is the Sigourney senior’s job to guide the senator’s campaign route, and suggested touring Sigourney High School.

          “When organizing this tour, I wanted to make sure Boulton saw the impact of the recent budget on rural Iowa schools,” Halleran said. “Being in a rural community, it is hard for a school to always meet the needs of students.I also wanted to highlight how the school has accommodated each student through these budget issues. It was important to me that Boulton also see how we have improved our school for the better with the new science lab and track.”

Please view the November 1 edition of The News-Review for the full story.