Sigourney Police warn of new phone scam

The Sigourney Police Department has received a report of an individual claiming to be an employee of the City of Sigourney. The victim of this phone scam reported that this individual told them they owed $600 of unpaid water bills, and the City will shut down there water bill if not paid for immediately. While it is not clear how the scammers wants to be paid, Police Chief Allan Glandon explains that phone scammers try a variety of methods to receive money.


"Sometimes, they will ask for you to pay them off with iTunes or other giftcards," Glandon said. "They ask the victim to send them the number on the back, and they have some way of converting that back to cash."


According to Glandon, the scammer reportedly has a slight foreign accent, but used an American name and also had city info such as the phone number for the office. 


"This is a new scam for us and we reccomend calling City Hall if you receieve such a call," Glandon said. 


Sigourney's City Hall can be reached at (641) 622-3080.