Sigourney Schools consider addition of Soccer

A request to add soccer as a high school sport has been turned down by the Sigourney School Board, though it may not be a permanent decision. At the Aug. 14 Sigourney School Board meeting, the board heard a presentation from Matt Ives and Christie Iosbaker regarding adding soccer to the list of sports offered at Sigourney High School.

Superintendent Dave Harper said that at this time, the board is not inclined to offer the sport for this year, due to an agreement made last year.

“Officially with soccer, the board talked last year of having a club team for two years and to see if it was sustainable and they would revisit it after two years. That would befall of 2020 when they would look like that,” Harper said. “The board listened and reflected on it but it comes to last year they said ‘let’s do it for two years and see if it’s sustainable with numbers’ and they will relook at it in fall of 2020,” Harper added.

Harper noted that the decision by the board does not mean at all that Sigourney Schools are forever closing the door on adding Soccer.

“I would say it’s not a dead issue by any means but it won’t happen this year,” he said.

Currently, a club team has been formed to give Sigourney students a chance to play competitive soccer. While the club team is not officially sanctioned by Sigourney Schools, Harper added that the school is not by any means stopping students from participating.

In fact, if the number of students participating in the club team show that there is enough strong interest to sustain a team, Sigourney Schools may be inclined to add the sport in 2020.

“It’s just got to be sustainable to be a competitive team,” Harper said.

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