Sigourney Schools look to make up snow days

Sigourney, Iowa- One of those most treasured memories as a child is likely waiting to hear if school is closed for the day due to the heavy amount of snow and ice that fell overnight, knowing full well that more than likely, that school day is going to have to be made up at some point. This past winter has given area students much to celebrate: lots of snow-days and early dismissals, and lots of snow to play in. However, the amount of missed school has started to cause issues for smaller districts, like Sigourney, as they look to make up the lost instruction time to meet the state’s 1,080 hour requirement. Soon, Sigourney Schools will be implementing a plan to make up for lost time.

“Starting on February 25, 2019 thru the end of the school year, we will be starting school 20 minutes earlier than our normal time,” Sigourney School Superintendent Dave Harper announced via e-mail on February 14.

Beginning on February 25, school will begin at 8 am for both the elementary and high school. Breakfast will be served at 7:45 am. Bus pick up times will occur 20 minutes earlier. Harper said that bus drivers will communicate with specific families if there are changes to their bus pick up time and location. School will still end each day at the same times.

“School will continue to be released at 3:30 PM for the high school and 3:20 PM for the elementary,” Harper said in the announcement.

In addition to the 20 minute earlier start, the following days, which were previously scheduled to be days off for students, will be snow day make ups: Friday, March 8; Tuesday, April 23; Wednesday, May 22; Thursday, May 23; Friday, May 24, with an 11 am dismissal.

Additional snowfall and potential snow days could impact the new schedule. Harper noted in a prior interview with the News-Reviewthat this winter has been a very hard one for students and Superintendents.

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