Sigourney turns 175

The Belly Whistlers were a hit during the 150th Celebration in 1994 and made a return to Sigourney on June 6th.

SIGOURNEY- After over a year of planning, one of the biggest events in Sigourney history has come, and gone. Sigourney’s 175th Celebration proved to be a large success. Hundreds of current and former residents flocked the downtown square throughout the celebration, all seeking to take part in remember Sigourney’s past and celebrating its’ present. Thousands of dollars were raised and put back into the community, including $11,000 on a Sigourney painting, $1500 through the Sigourney Classic 5K, and countless other events, large and small. Julie Tremmel, a member of Sigourney’s 175 Anniversary Committee, said that the committee intends to set aside money left over from this year’s celebration and designate it for the 200th celebration in 2044. This was done by the 150th celebration committee in anticipation of the 175th celebration.