Smithart retires after 21 years with County Assessor

Wayne Smirthart retired among family, friends and co-workers after 21 years with the County Assessor's Office on Thursday, Dec. 28.

            Wayne Smithart of Sigourney spent 25 of his life in the construction business before becoming a Field Assessor for Keokuk County in 1996. An assessor with his background was needed to evaluate buildings across the county, identifying what materials were used and the type of construction each building was built. He never expected to be an assessor up until his retirement.

            “When I first came here, I didn’t see myself retiring here 21 years later,” Smithart said. “I was able to fulfill my duties all that time. I’m 75 now. It’s time to retire and spend more time with the family.”

            Smithart was given a warm retirement party by his co-workers, family and many friends on Thursday, Dec. 28, hosted by the Assessor’s Office and coordinated by its staff. Throughout his 20+ years of service, Smithart had formed relationships with the many people that stopped in to visit him and enjoy cake and conversation.

            “The people have been real good to me,” Smithart said. “The public, the employees, they all treated me well. I’m going to miss the public and talking with them every day.”

            While Smithart says he’ll miss spending time in the field admiring new construction styles and methods, he plans to keep himself busy with small projects around his house and spend time with his five grandchildren. He and his wife, Sandy, will continue their work with the Keokuk County Disaster Assistance Team, providing food and drinks to first responders at fires and other emergencies across the county.