Stadum Echoes/Vocal Vibes fill Sigourney High gym

Sydney Atwood, Noel Garringer, and Shelby Stein march during their final marching band performance on Tuesday, Oct. 24.

Junior high choir members sing during the Stadum Echoes/Vocal Vibes concert on Tuesday, Oct. 25.

Junior Savhannah White performs a touching solo to the Jackson Five's "I'll Be There."

            Sigourney Jr/Sr High gym transformed into what seemed like a halftime extravaganza during their annual Stadum Echoes/Vocal Vibes on Tuesday, Oct. 24 to end the marching season and introduce the next wave of marchers to the community.

            The junior high band kicked into mark time with their first performance of the season, getting the crowd pumped with the school fight song and other marching pieces. While additional songs had been selected for the younger marchers, Sigourney Band Director Jessica Meier and the band focused on polished what they could and moving on.

            “I'm very proud of how hard the JH band worked on their music and marching this year,” Meier said. “They have done so well thus far this fall and I can't wait to see what they can do by the end of the school year.”

            Gears then changed to choral music, featuring the talents of the high school choir performing several pieces that will go to their honor choir performance next month on November 14. Their younger counterparts in the junior high choir showed there’s fine young talent coming up, with several soloists braving the crowd on songs that included “You Are My Sunshine.” All members are only two months into their year, so preparing is key.

“Our preparation for each concert consists of preparing the music to the best of our ability,” Randy Stichter, Sigourney Vocal Music Director said. “This includes learning notes & rhythms, working on expressive, in tune singing and interpreting and delivering the text with artistry and clarity.”

            Stadium Echoes presents the last opportunity for senior marchers to perform in their band. According to Meier, it has been a long-standing tradition for senior members to go in style by dressing up this year in animal costumes.

            “We have strong leadership throughout the band,” Meier said. “The seniors are very helpful during the marching season. They've learned the most drill and are able to help the underclassmen read their drill charts and find their spots on the field.”

            Since the week before school started to this final hurrah, the senior class has putting in many hours to prepare their music and drills for halftimes of football games and parades. While Meier admits that learning drill might not be the most exciting task, she’s proud of this year’s group for putting in the effort and has seen improvements over the course of the season.

            “I love all of our performances throughout the year, but especially Stadium Echoes,” Meier said. “At the high school level, by this point in the season, the students are an independent group. They know what they need to do and they do it. And the cool thing is, they do this concert on their own. I just get to watch and enjoy their performance as an audience member.”

            “This ‘Vocal Vibes and Stadium Echoes’ concert has been a tradition for many years,” Stichter said. “The concert is great for all the music groups but is an especially exciting & popular way for the bands to finish their marching season by performing inside the gym.”

            This year’s marching show honored the music of the King of Pop, Michael Jackson, with three selections including “I’ll Be There”, a ballad from the Jackson Five days. This tender ballad had a trumpet solo included, performed by Savhannah White.

            “I told my mom that there was supposed to be a trumpet solo end it just so happened to be in one of her all-time favorite songs,” White said. “She really wanted me to try out and pushed me to want to get it even more.”

            White took it upon herself to practice the solo to shrug off the nerves and give it her best shot. After several students in her section graduated, the junior decided she needed to “step out of her box” and “become a leader” in the band.

            “It was fun because it made me step out of my comfort zone,” White said. “Last year I was petrified to even play loud by myself, so I would’ve never expected myself to do this.”

Next up, the high school band will prepare for the Veteran’s Day Program on November 10 as well as their Christmas concert. In addition to the Star Spangled Banner, the band will perform two pieces as a full group and their trumpet section will perform Taps. Basketball pep band will also be upon these musicians before they know it.

            “The fun never stops in the music room,” Meier said. 

Photos of the concert are available on The News-Review SmugMug page here