Stourac joins Eagle, News-Review staff

Sigourney, Iowa- Residents of Keokuk County, particularly Keota, may notice a new face around the community. The News-Review and Keota Eagle are pleased to welcome Amy Stourac as our Office Assistant and Regional Editor. Stourac started her duties this past week.


            “I’ve always wanted to be a writer, ever since I was a kid. In fact, my mom found a poem that I wrote when I was nine called “My Desk” and it’s a picture of me sitting at my desk. With My desk telling me to write, which is the meaning of the poem,” Stourac said.


            Stourac lives in South English and worked for the United States Postal Service for approximately 15 years while she was raising her four children. In 2008, Stourac chose to go back to school, and received a communications degree from Kirkwood Community College, as well as earned an English Degree from Mount Mercy. Since then, she has scored standardized tests and essays from home, as well as done some freelance writing. Stourac said that her passion for the arts is what led her to apply for the position.


            “I was looking for careers where I could be in the art world but support myself. So journalism was kind of the natural thing because I could write,” Stourac said. “I love music. I want to support local musicians someday, like have an art center or something. That’s really my goal,” she added.


            Stourac will report on events happening in Keota, including Keota City Council, as well as covering Keota Schools. She also will assist with coverage for the News-Review as needed, and will have a presence in the News-Review office. However, for Stourac, feature stories are her bread and butter.


“I’m definitely drawn to people. I like to tell people’s stories and I like to find out the interesting things about them. What makes them tick, what makes them successful,” she said.


For more on this story, catch the August 8 edition of the News-Review.