Supervisors consider speed and stop sign requests

The Keokuk County Supervisors got down to business quickly on November 5, as the board held their final regular meeting before the midterm elections.

The board first approved a proposal that Keokuk County assign a certificate of purchase at tax sale #2008253 pertaining to real estate in What Cheer to Pedra Lankford. The matter was considered to be routine in nature and was approved unanimously.

The board next met with Keokuk County Engineer Andy McGuire, who reported on two possible studies with his department. McGuire said that the first issue was a request that came into his department from a resident on Keokuk-Washington road,who expressed safety concerns with a “driveway” and requested that the speed limit be lowered.

McGuire informed that the board that when he gets a request like that, he will initiate a speed study of the area being requested, pursuant to the Iowa Code.

“That gives the Board of Supervisors the authority to post a reasonable and proper speed limit on any county secondary road. So, you guys are the governing body on speed limits,” McGuire said.

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