Supervisors continue garbage contract discussions

SIGOURNEY- After several open discussions on the matter at Supervisors meetings, the Keokuk County Supervisors appear to be at the same stage: a holding pattern. At Monday’s Supervisors meeting, the Board meet with Waste Management Representative Dave Schwab regarding the future of Waste Management’s contracts in Keokuk County. Currently, Waste Management has a contract between the County for the current recycling facility, referred to as the “transfer station”, as well as for solid waste removal services for nine communities in Keokuk County. At a recent Supervisors meeting, Chairman Mike Hadley expressed his concerns that he would like to get out of the waste management business for the county.

“Me, I’d like to get out of the garbage business,” he said. “I’m currently the southeast corner. Nobody uses it down there, and then our taxes pay for that… It only benefits a small part of the county and everyone pays for it,” Hadley also said.

At the meeting, Schwab said that the County might have its’ hands tied, due to certain contractual obligations. Schwab said that the County had failed to notify Waste Management of the County’s intent not to renew the contract at least 90 days in advance. 

“As far as I’m concerned, we now have a seven-year contract,” Schawb said, stating his belief that Waste Management could renew the contract for seven years.

During discussion on the contract, Hadley stated his belief that he had notified Schawb of the County’s intent not to renew the waste contract. Hadley said he and Schwab had had numerous conversations, in person, and on the phone, regarding the contract.

“I never knew you needed a notice,” Hadley said.

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