Supervisors remain undecided on recycling facility

SIGOURNEY- The clock continues to tick for the Keokuk County Supervisors as they scramble to find alternatives to the operation of the Keokuk County Recycling facility. At the Monday, June 3, supervisor meeting, the supervisors heard from Kia Cox, of Cox Sanitation. Cox Sanitation is one of three companies to express interest in running the Keokuk County Recycling Center. The other two include Waste Management and First Resources Corporation. The facility is currently operated by Waste Management, however discontent between the Keokuk County Supervisors and the way the facility is currently operated by Waste Management have become apparent in recent weeks.

Starting out her presentation to the board, Cox said that if Cox Sanitation is awarded the contract to operate the facility, they would seek to operate it similar to how they operate their main facility in North English. Supervisor Mike Hadley remarked to her that the County would assume overall responsibility for the facilities as a whole, including maintenance of the facilities, however Cox Sanitation would be charged with handling all garbage and recycling services. One particular issue that was discussed was whether or not residents should pay for the services.

“They’re [residents] paying nothing now. I would like to see that change,” Hadley noted.

Cox agreed with Hadley on implementing some charges, however she said that if Cox Sanitation was awarded contract to run the facility, they would only charge for garbage drop off, and not recycling drop off, similar to how their North English facility is operated.

“It certainly helps to offset landfill fees,” Cox explained.

Hadley also expressed his belief that there not be a residency requirement and that anybody who chooses to utilize the facility can use it.

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