Supervisors touch on Ragbrai vender ordinance

Sigourney, Iowa- The Keokuk County Supervisors considered additional action on items related to this year’s Ragbrai visit to Sigourney. Up for consideration on Monday was a proposed vender ordinance for unincorporated areas of Keokuk County during the Ragbrai visit in July. County Attorney John Schroeder, who is sitting on the Sigourney Ragbrai public safety subcommittee, said that the committee envisions there being a single licensing authority for vender permits.


“The basic idea is that there be one centralized, licensing permit authority for any Ragbrai vender business. The central authority would be the Rabgrai committee,” Schroeder said. “The idea is that you have one entity or authority dispensing permits for this one-time vender opportunity in the unincorporated areas of the county.”


He added that the idea was that any person who is going to be a vender during Ragbrai be registered properly and pay vender fees. He said that if someone set up in a rural part of the county and had not gone through the proper channels, or any channels at all, to get registered, they would be subject to being forced to close down their set up immediately. He added that in addition to paying a vender fee, all venders must provide proof of insurance and liability. Discussion centered on what to do with funds obtained through vender permitting fees, with Schroeder noting that the County would likely have very little fees incurred with the visit. One suggestion brought to the Supervisors was to dedicate those funds to other communities in the county incurring expenses, although no commitment was made at all. Ultimately, the supervisors did not take any action on the proposed ordinance and will consider further action at a later date.


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